Summary For Forms

Regarding the Xamarin.Forms demo, we stop here. You can continue to build the PostList View and the PostDetail View, etc. That is easy, isn’t it? For the Xamarin.Forms, we can benefit from the existed resources so that we just need to create the UI by XAML for all platforms and config the target projects to use the logic in the MvvmCrossDemo.Core project and the UI hosted in the MvvmCrossDemo.Forms.UI project. This approach can help you maximize the code-sharing of both the UI and the logic, especially if you are an experienced .NET developer (with XAML background).
But what I need to emphasize here is that Xamarin.Forms is not the silver bullet for cross-platform development. You ought to think carefully about your real scenario. If you need to fine tune the UI styles or call a big deal of complex native hardware functionalities (including specific-platforms APIs) targeting the specific platforms, probably the Xamarin Native is the better choice.