Creating the ViewModel

Create a MenuViewModel class in the ViewModels folder in the MvxFormsMasterDetailDemo.Core project. Replace the content with the following code:

using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using MvvmCross.Navigation;
using MvvmCross.ViewModels;
namespace MvxFormsMasterDetailDemo.Core.ViewModels
public class MenuViewModel : MvxViewModel
readonly IMvxNavigationService _navigationService;
public MenuViewModel(IMvxNavigationService navigationService)
_navigationService = navigationService;
MenuItemList = new MvxObservableCollection<string>()
#region MenuItemList;
private ObservableCollection<string> _menuItemList;
public ObservableCollection<string> MenuItemList
get => _menuItemList;
set => SetProperty(ref _menuItemList, value);

It has a MenuItemList property to store some menu items. For the simplicity, there are only two strings: Contacts and Todo. We also need to inject the instance of IMvxNavigationService in the constructor.