Creating the Android project

Create a new Blank Android project into the solution (do not select the Android XAML App template) and name it as MvvmCrossDemo.Droid, like this:
Pay attention on the different project templates. There are a couple of different templates here. Notice that we need the Android App (Xamarin), not the Android XAML App (Xamarin.Forms). I will describe Xamarin.Forms in the next sections, but not now.
The default Android target version is Android 8.1 (Oreo). If you need to edit it, right click the MvvmCrossDemo.Droid project and select Properties, then choose Application Tab, and update the Target Framework like this:
Delete the MainActivity.cs in the root folder and the Main.axmlin the resource/Layout folder. We do not need them.
Then install the MvvmCross package like we did in the MvvmCrossDemo.Core project. We also need to add the reference to the MvvmCrossDemo.Core project. You might encounter an error that is:
You need to add a reference to Mono.Android.Export.Dll when you use ExportAttribute or ExportFieldAttribute.
To fix it, we need to add the reference to Mono.Android.Export by Reference Manager: