Updating the AppDelegate class

Open the AppDelegate.cs file and change the AppDelegate class to inherit from MvxApplicationDelegate<MvxIosSetup<MvvmCrossDemo.Core.App>, MvvmCrossDemo.Core.App> instead of UIApplicationDelegate. You can find the source code of it here: https://github.com/MvvmCross/MvvmCross/blob/develop/ContentFiles/iOS/AppDelegate.cs.pp.

Then delete all the methods in this class. The result looks like this:

using Foundation;
using MvvmCross.Platforms.Ios.Core;
using UIKit;
namespace MvvmCrossDemo.iOS
// The UIApplicationDelegate for the application. This class is responsible for launching the
// User Interface of the application, as well as listening (and optionally responding) to application events from iOS.
public class AppDelegate : MvxApplicationDelegate<MvxIosSetup<Core.App>, Core.App>